Gunstock Trailfest FAQs/Contact

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Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome at Gunstock Mountain Resort! All dogs must be under control at all times either with a leash or voice-command; and, owners must pick up after their dog. Under no circumstances may a dog be left in a vehicle. People who register in the Canicross 5K race may run with two dogs at the same time. Two people registered in the Canicross 5K race may run together with one dog.
Can I reserve a campsite even if I didn't reserve one when I registered?
All camping reservations must be made through the Gunstock Campgrounds.
Can I update my registration?
Yes! All changes to your registration, besides the runner’s name, can be made free of charge. Simply log into your account onVentures Endurance, click the Registrations button on the left-side of your screen, click View Registration next to your Gunstock TrailFest registration, then make the changes you need on your registration page.
Can I start running earlier than my scheduled start time?
No. All runners must start their race at the scheduled time.
Can I transfer my registration (bib) to another person?
To Transfer Your Registration to Another Runner:

1. The original runner must log into their Enmotive account and click on the Registrations button on the left side of their screen to locate their Gunstock TrailFest registration.
2. Once the original runner locates the registration they’d like to transfer, they just need to click the blue “Actions” button to the right of the race name, and then “Transfer Registration.”
3. Then, enter the new runner’s email address to begin the transfer process.
4. The new runner will then receive an email from Enmotive with a link to complete the transfer.
5. After clicking the transfer link in the Enmotive email, scroll down to click the green “Accept transfer” button.
6. Complete the registration process, and pay the $10 transfer fee.
7. Once completed, the new runner will receive an email confirmation, and the original runner will receive an email confirming their registration has been cancelled.

If the transaction is not completed by the new runner within 48 hours of the email sent, the transfer request is cancelled, and the registration will remain in the original runner’s name.

Can I switch distances before the race starts?
Yes. For example: If you register for the 80K (50 miler) you may switch to the 30K. Likewise if you register for the 5K you may switch to the 10K. If you switch from a shorter race to a longer race then you will need to pay the difference in entry fees based on the date of your request. If you switch from a longer race to a shorter race then you will forfeit the difference. Simply log into your account on Ventures Endurance click on View Registration under Upcoming Events, and then the Edit Category link.
Can I switch distances after the race starts?
No. You must complete the distance that you started. You may not “downshift” to a shorter distance after the race starts (i.e. 50k to 30k).
Can I transfer to one of your other races in 2024?

More details are coming soon!

How do I add myself to a team?
For categories with team prizes (see question below “Is there a team prize?” for more details), you’ll be prompted to either create or join a team when registering for the event. A team is completely optional and not required to participate.
Is there a time limit for the 50K or 50 Mile race?
Yes. There is an 11 hour time limit to complete the 50K race, and a 13 hour time limit to complete the 80K (50 mile) race. In addition 80K runners must complete their 6th lap (60K) by 4:00 PM (10 hours), and their 7th lap (70K) by 5:30 PM (11.5 hours).
Is there a cap on any of the races?
No (at least not right now). If that changes, we’ll update the answer to this question.
Is there a team prize?
A team prize will be awarded to the first place team in each of the following races: 5K Canicross, 5K, 10K Peak To Peak Challenge, 10K, 30K, 50K. There are no teams in the Kids’ Run, 1.5 Mile Mountain Climb, and 80K races. A team consists of at least 4 runners registered under the same team name in the same race. Team names can be fun and creative — they can be something other than a club name. The first place team is defined as the fastest combined time of the top 4 team members.
What are lodging options for the race?
There are two types of accommodations available:

1) Gunstock Campgrounds
2) discounted lodging at nearby hotels

Take a look at our Event Details page for more information about each of these options.

How can I volunteer?
More info is coming soon.
Are pacers allowed?
Pacers are allowed for 30K, 50K, and 80K runners at any point during the race. No muling (pacers carrying runner’s gear). No aid or assistance may be given by a pacer to a runner other than at designated aid stations. Race officials have the right to disqualify anyone not abiding by this rule. Your friends and family members may give you assistance if they are positioned in a fixed location along the 10K loop course.
What is the elevation change?

The elevation gain for each race is as follows:

  • Kids’ Run is 96 ft
  • 5K is 293 ft
  • 10K is 636 ft
  • 1.5 MILE MOUNTAIN CLIMB is 1,191 ft
  • 10K PEAK TO PEAK CHALLENGE is 1,450 ft
  • 30K is 1,908 ft
  • 50K is 3,180 ft
  • 80K is 5,088 ft
What do kids get?
All participants in the Kids’ Run will receive all the same amenities as the adults including a race shirt (but not beer tickets).
Can I buy an extra meal ticket?
Extra meal tickets may be purchased on race day from the servers in the food tent. They will not be for sale at registration.
How do I purchase additional add-ons after registering for the race?
Simply log into your account at Ventures Endurance, click on View Registration under Upcoming Events, scroll down to the appropriate question, select your new response, and then click the Add to Cart button.
Are drop bags allowed?
Participants may label and place their drop bag anywhere on the 10K loop course at their own risk. There is no drop-bag delivery or pickup service.
How do I get my free race photographs?
Free race photographs will be available shortly after the event. All registrants will receive an email following the race with instructions on how to access your free race images.
Where can I check to see if I'm registered?
You can check via this link.
Can I get a refund?
All sales are final. No refunds will be given, unless you are registered for a live race and the live race is cancelled by the event organizer due to COVID-19 or any of its variants (the “Pandemic”) and/or governmental restrictions put in place as a result of or in connection with the Pandemic which make the live race unfeasible or impractical to run, in which case refunds will be given in accordance with the policy outlined in the FAQ titled What happens if the event is cancelled?. A date or venue change is not a cancellation.
Who should I email for press inquiries?

Contact our team at!


Where can I run/walk?
Anywhere! This is your virtual run, and we want you to complete it wherever and whenever you want between June 13th and July 31st. Sidewalks, trails, and treadmills are all fair game. Want to make this a family run or walk with a stroller or your miniature schnauzer Sprinkles? Now’s the chance! Make the race you want.
What items are included with the Gunstock Trailfest Virtual Run?
We’ll ship the same awesome goodie bag right to you that includes a bib, an official tie-dye race t-shirt and cowbell. For our ultrarunners doing the 50K and 80K, you’ll also receive a trucker hat.
When do I need to complete my run?
You can complete your run anytime between July 13th and July 31st. Once you complete your run, you can log your results online. After that, you can download your Finisher’s Certificate, see how you rank on our active leaderboard, and upload photos to share with fellow participants. To receive a Finisher’s Certificate, your run must be completed and logged by July 31st.
How do I track my distance and time?
For the Virtual Run, we accept results on the honor system, but the most accurate tracking is typically via a device with GPS tracking.
How do I log my results?
After you’ve completed your run, click the Log Result button on your Virtual Run registration to enter your time. Once you’ve entered your run time, click the Finisher Certificate button to download your personalized Finisher Certificate.
When will my packet ship?
Race packets for the virtual run will begin to ship within 1-2 weeks of the live event.
Do I need to submit results to get a medal?
No. Your medal will be mailed to you with your packet after you register!
Do you ship internationally?
The Gunstock TrailFest Virtual Run is currently available only for addresses within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii*. *Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will incur an additional shipping fee.
What do I do if my goodie bag doesn’t fit? Can I swap it?
We do not offer any size exchanges post packet shipment. All changes to sizes need to be made prior to confirming registration. We highly recommend that all participants take care to view the sizing chart to order the correct size.


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